Frankfurt am Main

„In Frankfurts trendy district Ostend arises the EASTGATE LIVING, a sustainable housing project in passive house construction.“


Site 3.800 qm
GFA (above-ground) 10.000 qm
Start of construction 03/ 2015
Completion 01/ 2017
Architects B&V Braun Canton Park, Frankfurt

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Every property a custom-made for our clients.

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Moxy Hotel, Marriott <br />
(Lindley Quartier)
Lindley A 1 (Lindley Quartier)
stiftung medico international, (Lindley Quartier)
Nintendo Europazentrale
FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Lindley Quartier)
Seat & Skoda Auto Deutschlandzentrale
VTB Bank
OstStern Wohnen Ost
Amadeus FiRe (Lindley Quartier)