Frankfurt am Main

The basic idea for the overall design of the Deutsche Telekom administration building in Frankfurt Sossenheim was the idea of a cut white band. Through the folds in the outer façade, the building develops as a comb with three building sections and two inner courtyards.

The outer façade is rhythmically structured by staggered perforated windows; the open façade sections have dark band facades, making the building structure clearly visible.
On the west side, the foyer forms a clearly defined accent for the main entrance. This is emphasized by a special unfolding of the white band. Specifically, this protrusion is developed by a diagonally cut wall panel from the north façade and merges with the floor of the canteen terrace towards the south. In the inner courtyards, too, the rhythm of the white perforated façade is continued in the pavement and refers back to the central idea of the folded outer shell.
In the interior of the reception and canteen area, subdued sand and gray tones dominate the appearance. Accents are set in the company’s typical magenta.
The standard floors are efficiently and flexibly tailored to the requirements of the use.

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Site 12.059 qm
GFA (above-ground) 16.540 qm
Start of construction 02/ 2013
Completion 07/ 2014
Architects Meixner Schlüter Wendt, Frankfurt
Certificate LEED Gold

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